Tabbah launches Forget Me Knot

For summer 2014, Tabbah's Sail Away collection launches Forget Me Knot, a series of bracelets and rings crafted in the classic Sail Away style, but with a twist, in the form of a unique knot.

The Sail Away collection launched in 2012, with the Infinity Knot, and this year the Forget Me Knot ensures that Sail Away fans can build on the collection by combining styles from either or both seasons with stylish results.  

Divine Serpent

Tabbah's Divine Serpent collection is one of the classic ranges of the Designer Collection and this beguiling motif is now intertwined with the House's 150 year heritage. Tabbah's snakes are distinctive by their marquise-shaped eyes, which imbue them with unique character and enigmatic personalities.


Angel collection began with a ring design, inspired by the form of a swan stretching elegantly. As the design developed so it became apparent its creation was a quest to achieve equilibrium or ideal proportions. View the new collection here.


The glamour, power, mysticism and vibrancy of Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs is the inspiration for Tabbah’s Scarab collection. Celebrated for her beauty and an iconic reference for perfectly proportionate features, Queen Nefertiti is the muse of this jewellery series that brings together the finest emeralds, sapphires and rubies in a stunning patterned setting. The scarab itself was an Egyptian motif associated with sunrise and the journey of the sun across the sky. With Scarab Tabbah invokes and reinterprets ancient Egypt at the pinnacle of its reign. View the new collection here.


A love of architecture and the beauty of Islamic geometry inspired Tabbah’s Arabesque collection. View the new collection here.

Saga by Tabbah

Tabbah’s relaunch of the collectable Saga watch in 2011 resulted in two models, the Saga Diamond and the Saga Sea, which combine the highest level of jewellery design with horological know-how. The Saga Diamond comes in a limited edition of only three watches ever made, and the Saga Sea comes in several colour options, which are showcased here.

Bridal Romance

As we enter the season that celebrates love, Tabbah’s range of bridal jewellery spans engagement rings and wedding bands as well as Bridal Privée, where the house crafts bespoke sets to order. Explore Tabbah’s bridal collection further in the Collections section of this site.